Hurts Deeper Than Anyone Will Know

Hi , My name is Kelly S. Timmons, and I'm married to the late Michael J. Timmons. He was murdered on May 1 , 2013. It was the saddest day of my life. I felt as if everything was all over, and my whole world was gone . He was my heart, my headache, my heartache, my love, and my backbone. He was literally my everything. Michael and I met in Feb., 2004, and we were married on March 16,2011. I felt as if I couldn't go on, and it took me a while to get semi- back to my right mind set.  I realized that we had 4 beautiful kids that I was left to raise all alone.  We have four kids, but biologically we have one together. I have two boys Lorenzo and Shamus and one daughter La'Derricka.  Michael has a daughter name MyIesha and she have two daughters, that he never had the opportunity to meet. He also has a godson Jaderion Timmons.

The day my husband was murdered, it was around 3 P.M. God knows, when I received the call saying that my husband was shot, and may be dead, I remember calling his cell phone repeatedly begging for him to pick up.  I drove over to the location, I had been told the shooting occurred. My heart dropped once I got to the scene, and they told me he was dead and they were trying to revive him. I was torn apart, and it hurt me so bad, that words couldn't even describe how I felt.  It was unbearable. He was my soul mate and best friend until death did us apart. After my husband's death I had gotten so sick. In Dec. of 2013, I was in the hospital with a 20% functioning kidney due to stress. I am a prime example that God is real!  I stay prayed up. The pain I feel to this day, hurts deeper than anyone will ever know.

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