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Featuring: Interview With Author A.C Tayor

** Please share with my readers a little about yourself. I’m a contemporary romance author from Little Rock, AR. I specialize in telling black love stories about friends that slowly realize that they’ve secretly been in love with each other all along. I’m a wife and mother of three little ones (they aren’t really little anymore…lol) that keep me running constantly, but I love it. When I’m not writing, I’m reading or sneaking off to the movies while my kids are at school.    **What inspired you to start writing? As a little girl I enjoyed reading, so that has definitely been my biggest inspiration. I loved seeing what I could create on my own after reading a good book.   **How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, but I published my first book in 2015. **What in your opinion was the hardest part of writing each book? Settling down on a specific story. I always have tons of ideas circling around in my head. Characters

Featuring: Interview With Author and Motivational Speaker Ms. Angela Marshall

I had the opportunity to interview the intelligent and encouraging Angela Marshall.  **Please share with my readers a little about yourself .            The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife is a platform and global movement that encourages people to "Live Vicariously through Themselves." I am a business owner, bestseller published author and motivational presenter.  Life for me has been valley's and mountaintops.   Growing up altruistic with lighter skin in an African American family environment and being an unwed teen mother, afforded a view point advantage of diversity, different and determination. I am also a community advocate, youth mentor and supporter.   After filing for divorce in 1999, I immediately went into secular employment. I worked as a Senior Unit Specialist at a Bio-Tech company for 18 years. Most people wondered how I went from the lifestyle of the supposed rich, famous and lavish to a lifestyle of labor and lack. Constan

Featuring: Interview with Ashley Brown

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Ashley Brown, wife of NFL player Jaron Brown of the Seattle Seahawks. Please be sure to visit their website for amazing products and their new blog. I have the chance to exclusively share with you all some of their upcoming new products (look at the photos at the bottom of the page). **Hi Ashley. It is really great to have you on my blog, can you please introduce yourself? Thank you for having me. I am honored. My name is Ashley Brown. I am a wife and mother. I was born and raised in Germany but moved to the US in 2010 to attend Florida State University. After college I became a flight attendant, for US Airways, they later merged with American Airlines. My first month as a flight attendant, I met my husband on my flight from Charlotte to Phoenix. We have an amazing 3 year old daughter who truly runs the house!  **Briefly explain to my readers what does WUDDNME means? It stems from Jaron's

Featuring: Interview With Designer Lauren Lacy MLS Denim

I had the amazing opportunity to interview fashion designer Miss. Lauren Lacy. Please be sure to follow her on all her social media pages ( information is posted at the bottom of the page). You will love her custom made clothing. As many of you that love one of kind clothes, here is the perfect place to start shopping. **Share a little about yourself. From a young age, I always loved to draw and be creative. The love and passion that I had for art led me to pursue a Fine Arts degree with a concentration in illustration.  My college education definitely increased my creativity, knowledge, and skills. More importantly, I became more well-rounded artist and discovered my own style and my own voice. After graduating I decided to open my own business as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist.  This was the birth of Miss Lacy Studios, LLC. After being in business for over eleven years, I then decided to embark on a new fashion venture called "MLS Denim (Miss L