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Teaching Our Daughters Everything Shouldn’t Be Competitive

  Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Elisabeth and Ramiyah Myers Growing up as a girl can be so challenging in these times. With social media playing a huge role in so many people's lives, it has become a ground for competition.  Some don’t care about living in their truth but creating a story/life that makes them look like they have it all together.  I really learned what “fake it to you make it” meant when I finally saw how society made people tell excessive lies. Women/girls fixing themselves up with filters to the point that they’re unrecognizable in person.  Many females are always trying to look better physically and on their personal page to become competitive. They want to have the best hair, make-up, relationship, and business. What are we teaching our daughters?  Are we trying to always make everything a competition? When businesses could thrive, working with each other. Why is it so hard? Allowing each other to work together as a team and as

Education Starts at Home

Written By: Felecia Causey Models: Ashley Lawson Peterson and (Daughter) Avery Peterson Photography By: Felecia Causey Who would've ever thought we would face a pandemic and the kids had to do online school? It was different and for many it was difficult.   A lot of parents were struggling with trying to work, finding proper childcare, and making sure the kids were getting their schoolwork done. It was a curveball and a learning experience for the kids, the parents, and the school's staff. I have always believed that education starts at home. Reading is such a big part of everything a child will need to learn.  During the pandemic a lot of the teachers assigned schoolwork, and the kids had to read to learn the lesson on their own. School work is totally different from what most of us remember. There is no just learning your alphabet and numbers in elementary school anymore.  Kids are expected to know these things before they attend kindergarten. What I have unfortunately hear

Interview With Alexis Discussing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Her Herbal Tea Business

Photos Provided By: Alexis Me: Mrs. Alexis please tell us about yourself?   My name is Alexis LaSandra, but I go by Al. I’m 31. I am a Taurus. I love nature, history and art. I’m married with two sons. I love teaching women how to balance their hormones using herbs and nutrition.   Me:I came across you on Tiktok, and I knew that having you on my blog would be a great read because so many women and couples silently suffer from infertility. I am sure some of my followers and readers are very interested in hearing your inspirational story. Please tell the readers about you and your husband's journey.   You are so right. So many women are suffering in silence. Well, my husband and I had been trying to have a baby for years. After we bought our house in 2018, we wanted this baby more than ever. I decided to finally go to my OBGYN. That’s when I was diagnosed with PCOS. She told me it would almost be impossible to conceive and if I did, I would probably miscarry. I had to come back for a

Spending Time With Her Now Will Mean A Lot Later

Written By:Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Tanesha McReynolds and Zoie McReynolds What’s more special to a mother than having a special bond with their child? The first moments of seeing your child in your arms all of your ways change and all your hopes and wishes for him or her are your priorities. If you ever wondered how fast time goes by, check to see how the ones you hold in your arms outgrow your lap.  What you can do as a parent is to make great memories.   The small little things that you do with your child will soon be a big memory to them.  As a mother who believes in capturing as many memories as possible on camera, it’s important to get everything you can. I believe there is nothing like a story with pictures. With the prices of everything going up, and many parents not having the privilege of doing expensive events or getaways, there are always ways to create fun opportunities. What we as parents don't realize is that it’s not always about expensi

He Will Only Be Little For A While

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Models: Amarius Simon and Adrian Gardener You want to know how much time has passed, look at your child/children.  The times you are able to hold his small hands in yours or sit in your lap will one day come to an end because he will no longer want to hold mommy’s hand or to be treated like a baby. He will grow up so fast, even to the point that the little boy that you once looked down at will one day be so tall and look down at you. As a nurturer to your son’s emotions, it opens up their heart to help them express their feelings, and to also be mindful of others.   A mother knows that although her son will learn to be independent, and with her loving support he will become the young man she would desire her daughter to meet. Parents will make mistakes, because no one is perfect. I believe that my role as a mother has a huge effect on the way my son is raised. We want to be involved in every tiny detail of his life, but at an ea

Lupus Awareness: I Am A Lupus Survivor

  Written By:Laquanda Sellers Photos Provided By: Laquanda Sellers My name is Laquanda Sellers. I was born and raised in Lowndes County, AL. I am a mother of two beautiful children (Tyra 12 and Jamar 9), and a 12-year Army Veteran. My Lupus journey is still very new, I was diagnosed with Lupus August 2021. I first realized something wasn't right when every bone joint in my body began to swell. This was the absolute scariest process I have ever endured. Lupus is a silent illness that's not commonly talked about. Systemic Lupus can affect your major organs. My first major Lupus flare occurred in October 2021, I overcame the symptoms and beat it. In January 2022, I began to feel extremely sick, very weak and unable to function. After several doctors appointments and being sent home from the hospital on February 5th, while laying in bed, I had a seizure for the first time. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, all to find out that prior to the seizure I have been having bilat

What is the Perfect Body?

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By:Felecia Causey Model: Shawnnae Simon What is the perfect body? Who is to say what the perfect body looks like? In a world where being criticized on the simplest flaw can make anyone second guess their own confidence. Embracing the natural curves, lips, nose, stretch marks, cellulite, and jaw bones have become out of the norm. In a world where celebrities have the money, to have cosmetic surgery regularly, even right after birth. It’s so often that women are willing to risk their life to give them the body they desire or the body that they feel the world tells them should.   Stop! No, I am not bashing anyone that chooses to do the surgery. I am guilty. I have often talked myself into just doing it, but then after I hear the horror of a woman’s botched or even hearing them losing their life, I think to myself is taking a chance worth it. I am not lying saying that I may not get surgery, but what I am voicing is that when I do it will be for me.