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NICU Story: What We Didn't Know We Needed

Written By: Alyssa Daniels Photography By: Felecia Causey Photos Provided By: Alyssa Daniels My son was born at 29 weeks. I had two healthy pregnancies before that. The day he was born I was with my older two children doing their online therapies. I went to the bathroom where I had a little bleeding. I called my doctor where I was told to come get checked out. Of course, I wasn’t in pain, so I decided to get my children together and make plans for them and then my husband who was in the academy came home on his lunch break to take me to the hospital. We got up the stairs and the nurse checked me out where she said I was in labor, and the baby was coming “today”. I immediately started to cry and ask for a second opinion. The second nurse came in and said we have to get you to labor and delivery now, I can see his head. From that moment until he came out was 9 mins. He was diagnosed with a bpd and under-developed lungs. He stayed in the NICU for over 3 months, and he had to go home on ox

Yes, You Can Be a Princess

  Photography By:Felecia Causey Written By: Felecia Causey Thanks so much to all the beautiful little princess and their parents!! In a world where the color of someone’s skin plays a major role in something as simple as a fictional character. Growing up I never cared about the beautiful princesses' ethnicity because it didn’t matter. As many of us as children we enjoyed the singing, the dancing, and the lesson from the movies .  We didn’t care if the character was pink, blue, red, black, white, or green because that’s not what we saw first. Recently I found out one of my favorite cartoons, The Little Mermaid, will be shown in live action, and instantly the child in me became super excited.  I was happy that one of my childhood favorites movies, I would be able to watch it with my daughter.  As the reveal of the casted mermaid and the preview trailer came out, the ugly behavior of people both old and young had social media and the web roaring with hateful backlash.  As I watch thes

My Story of The Tiniest Fighter

Written By: Janna Hayes Photos Also Provided By: Janna Hayes Photography By: Felecia Causey For years I have prayed and prayed for a baby. Was told by multiple doctors that I needed fertility treatments for it to happen. Negative test after negative test. Nothing was working. But then, on November 25, 2020, I saw a positive for the first time. A week later on December 2nd I went to my first appointment where I found out it wasn’t a false positive, but what would soon be my greatest love was forming. I was told that day that I was 6 weeks along and my due date is July 28, 2021. I could not wait to find out what my little nugget was, so I did an early blood test. On December 30,2020 I got the results that I would be having a baby boy! Fast forward to February 18, 2021, my anatomy scan. This day confirmed he was indeed a boy! My OBGYN then saw something that was concerning, something with his bowel. She said it was a soft marker for Down syndrome. No big deal, I have prayed so much for hi

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Teaching Your Kids How to Treat Kids That Look Different

Model: DuRiyah Foster-Smith   I wanted this precious girl to feel like a princess at her photoshoot, and she loved it. It breaks my heart to hear and see stories from parents on how their child was mistreated, left out, bullied, and ignored because they were different.  As a mother of two kids, I work every day to try to protect my kids both physically and mentally. There isn’t any good parent that wants their child to physically and emotionally be hurt. Most times we have to be their voice and their advocate. We must start teaching kids how to treat people. It starts at home, showing them that they must treat people the way they want to be treated.  Kids are such extraordinary individuals, and they observe everything. If they are curious or not familiar with something, they will ask questions.  It’s up to us parents to be there, to show them the right thing. As parents before kids go to school it’s important that you tell and show them that kids are different. With a world full of div

Teaching Our Daughters Everything Shouldn’t Be Competitive

  Written By: Felecia Causey Photography: Felecia Causey Models: Elisabeth and Ramiyah Myers Growing up as a girl can be so challenging in these times. With social media playing a huge role in so many people's lives, it has become a ground for competition.  Some don’t care about living in their truth but creating a story/life that makes them look like they have it all together.  I really learned what “fake it to you make it” meant when I finally saw how society made people tell excessive lies. Women/girls fixing themselves up with filters to the point that they’re unrecognizable in person.  Many females are always trying to look better physically and on their personal page to become competitive. They want to have the best hair, make-up, relationship, and business. What are we teaching our daughters?  Are we trying to always make everything a competition? When businesses could thrive, working with each other. Why is it so hard? Allowing each other to work together as a team and as